3 Tips for Writing Killer Ad Copy

Let’s be real about something.

Words sell. 

It doesn’t matter if your targeting is perfect, your visuals impeccable, and your budget is endless. 

If your messaging isn’t driving your customers to take action, your paid ads will fall flat.

To write killer ad copy, you need to pique the attention of your audience, gain their trust, tempt them with a solution to their problem, and get them to move on your call to action (or, CTA).

Let’s look at 3 ways to make your ad copy compelling enough to get your audience to the ‘other side of the click.


1. Don’t Be Boring

ad copy - boring

Sounds easy enough, right? Don’t lull your audience to sleep with dull verbiage. But what does that actually mean?

You need to HOOK your audience. 

This is an example of a company who names all of their products human names (and that’s a big thing, right now. I’m betting you can imagine some right off the bat).

Ad #1: The World’s Softest Pillows. High Quality. Made in the UK. 10% OFF the “Barbara” Model. Use Coupon Code TENOFF for a Discount. 

Ad #2. Who Are You Sleeping With? Go From “In Your Dreams” to Truly In Your Dreams. Use Code BARBZ for 10% Off “The Barbara” Pillow.

Now, that may be a bit cheeky for an example, but I’m sure you can agree that ad #2 is definitely more likely to garner attention (and sales!). 


2. Don’t Mislead Your Audience

This should go without saying, and doing so can get you kicked off of ad platforms. Not to mention, it’s poor customer service, sleazy, and doesn’t get you any real results.

What we mean by this is being clear, honest, and upfront with what you’re offering. No bait-and-switch. No offering “free” services just to tack-on ‘service fees’ marked up six times the price. No sending them to a different landing page than what you’re advertising.  

This is what we in the advertising industry like to call “sleazeball.”

ad copy - sleazy

If you really want to earn next level-brand loyalty, great customer reviews, and build a positive online reputation, keep truth and transparency in your advertising. 


3. Ditch the Hard Sell

Everyone likes to buy — but nobody wants to be sold to.

“ACT NOW!!!” “TIME IS RUNNING OUT!!” “GOING FAST!!” and other such ad copy not only makes your audience feel like they’re buying a used car from some guy in a loud polyester suit, it makes your offer feel less authentic.

Think about it: If something was in that high of a demand, you wouldn’t necessarily need to run paid ads. 

Today’s consumers are discerning and will see right through it.

ad copy - BS

Write your ad copy with creativity, but factually, and include any promotion end dates. 

More than anything else, confidence sells. 


Paid Ads are an Ecosystem

Your paid ads are the combination of your words, visuals, calls to action, selected platforms, targeting, budget, and more. 

Just one singular aspect of your advertising isn’t going to sell your offers. Paid ads are holistic. 

At the Paid Ads School, we do it all (or, we can teach you how!).

Stop writing boring, clickless ads and get in touch with one of our specialists today.

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