Are paid ads worth it?

Are paid ads worth it? Gazillion dollar question right here! 

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If you’re thinking the answer is it depends… 

… you’re ABSOLUTELY right. 

But also it probably isn’t for the reason you’d expect (we would love it if you let us know in the comments).

Are paid ads worth it… as a marketing tool?

Yes, a thousand percent. Paid ads, if done properly, explode your reach and website traffic from new audiences that otherwise would have never known about your product or service, let alone visited your website. 

There is no other way you can put your business in front of so many relevant people who don’t already know you. Yes, TikTok included (unless, again, you’re using TikTok ads). 

When your business has to scale fast, you have to use paid ads, plain and simple. 

Otherwise you’re bound to either:

  1. How good you SEO game is 
  2. How many people you have in your network 
  3. A finite number of working hours each day 

What about… as a growth strategy?

Yes again. BUT. Here’s when the ‘it depends’ comes in. 

We’ve already seen the value of paid ads as a marketing tool is undeniable, but to use it correctly to fuel your growth, your business needs to be at a specific stage in its evolution and have a few basics nailed. 

If not, you might as well set the money on fire and watch it burn. 

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More specifically, we have identified 15 signs you might not be ready to run paid ads (yet!). 

In no particular order, they are: 

  1. You don’t know who your ideal customer is 
  2. You can’t describe your customer’s buyer journey
  3. You don’t have a defined offer 
  4. You are not clear on what you want your ads to achieve 
  5. You don’t have a watertight sales funnel
  6. You don’t know you conversion numbers
  7. You’re expecting instant results 
  8. You’re making little or no organic sales 
  9. Your website isn’t mobile responsive 
  10. Enquiries drop in an unmonitored (or rarely monitored) inbox
  11. You don’t have a click to call feature
  12. You don’t have Google Analytics installed 
  13. Your website isn’t managed by your team (or at least a very proactive third party)
  14. You don’t have conversion tracking 
  15. You’re not present and consistent where your customers are spending their time online

Luckily for you, we have put together a 12-page long freebie going into detail about each and every one of the above

Happy reading, and drop us a message for any questions!

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