Paid Advertising:
Frequently Asked Questions

What, exactly, is paid advertising?

Paid advertising is any type of advertising that you spend money on. The deal is that you get to promote your business on a third party platform (usually digital these days) and get in return things like website traffic, leads, or simply more eyeballs on your product or service.

What platform should I run paid ads on?

Million dollar question! It depends on your expertise, time, budget, advertising goal, and where you ideal customers hang out.

How much should I spend to get results?

This question ties to the question above. It depends. But again, best practices come to the rescue and say that if you can’t afford to spend $500/£500/€500 on ads per month, you’re probably not ready to turn on paid ads yet.

What standard reports do you provide, and what types of metrics will I be able to ask for “on demand”?

We like to keep it simple and low cost for you by scheduling automated reports on the first of every month to your inbox, from whichever platform we’re advertising on on your behalf. We agree on the metrics that are important to you before we start advertising, and we set up the reporting accordingly.

What if there are specific tasks or components of my campaigns that I want to manage in-house while you handle other components?

We tend not to do this, as it makes it more difficult to keep the paid advertising accounts tidy and efficiently run. However, nothing is off the table if we can find a process we can both agree on.

How often will we communicate and how?

At the very least once a month when we go over the activity for the month, but we like to proactively get in touch whenever we have something new to tell you – a new campaign goes live; new ads added to the account; a test we’re running; a new lowest cost per click; and similar types of good news. How depends on your preference.

Do you have in-depth experience with content marketing?

We do, but as paid advertising specialists, we decided to focus exclusively on paid advertising. We work closely with freelance partners that can cover content creation for us.

Do you outsource your work?


How do you keep up with industry standards?

It’s a mixture of networking, conferences, specialist podcasts, blogs, industry publication, and industry associations. We can never stop learning!

Where can I run paid ads?

Most social media platforms and search engines these days have an advertising platform you can use. Just to name a few: Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Microsoft Bing, Spotify, and lots more.

How long does it take to get results?

We’ll be upfront with you, if you’ve never run paid before, it’s impossible to predict. Paid advertising best practices say it takes 3-5 months of consistent advertising to test, find out what campaigns and ads are working, gather all the data, and then use it to predict what results you’re going to get moving forward. Of course, the more you spend initially, the shorter this ‘fact finding’ phase lasts — but we know not everybody has big budgets to spend!

How much do you charge?

We have two types of prices. For DIY paid advertising courses, the price is a one-off payment for lifetime access to the course – our available courses can be found on our course platform. For Done For You paid advertising services, our management fee starts from £400 per month and increases as your advertising spend increases.

What types of tools do you use to manage campaigns and generate reports?

We keep everything inside the paid advertising platform – this means if you were to switch agency or bring everything in house, you wouldn’t lose anything we’ve set up for you.

How do you plan to work with me to refine and ultimately reach my goals?

Metrics and goals discussions are part of the initial discovery process. The discovery process touches on many areas of business, including previous and current marketing, sales process, conversion to sale data, online presence, conversion tracking, and more, precisely to help us identify what metrics and goals are the most important to you. We won’t start advertising until we understand and agree what metrics are the most important to you. Constant communication will then help us adjust the metrics if your business goals change.

What platforms does your agency advertise on?

We advertise on Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Bing and Pinterest, but our specialty is Google.

How do you optimise your paid search campaigns?

We have a set process we go through on a monthly basis to optimise all our clients’ accounts. At a very basic level, optimisation includes: new campaign creation; new ads creation; ad copy refresh; a/b copy testing; search terms reports; negative keywords review; URL reviews; UTM tracking reviews; and more.

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