15 Signs You’re Not Ready To Run Ads (Yet!)

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A simple breakdown of everything you need to have in place
before you even think about spending a dime on ads.

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It's time to stop wasting money on ads
unless your business is ready.

Ads do work, and that’s a fact, but there is very little they can do for you until you have the basics in place.

Have you ever thought, "I spent money on ads but I didn't get anything from it"?

We have good news. You’re not alone. Even better: poor ads performance has got nothing to do with you. Your business is very likely not ready.

Ads will be a MASSIVE asset for you business… but there is some ground work you have to do first.

This guide will go through 15 areas you need to improve on before you can turn on your ads.

Some of the things you'll learn...

What's your customer's buyer

How to find out your
baseline number

What you need to have
installed on your website
before you run ads

Why you can't expect to have
an accurate ROI before you
actually run the ads

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