Is the Google Ads Grant worth it?

We do love a good old speaking gig, so we jumped at the chance of having our Founder Silvia Coletto speak on the Nonprofit Problem Solver podcast about all things Google Ads Grant. She covered specifically:

  • What is a Google Ads Grant
  • how you can apply for it
  • how can you make sure you’re eligible
  • and more importantly, is it worth it?

The biggest takeaway, as the fantastic host Kev Khayat put it,

[…] it’s not about whether having a viable and good website is worthwhile, whether trying to generate traffic to your website is worthwhile. Because it is. It’s really about: can you spend the time and/or money to get to grips with what it means to run Google Ads properly?

We were also fundraising live for Toybox, an international charity that has been helping children around the world on their journey away from the streets. Giving as little as £3 can make sure a child will not go hungry, so let’s put your spare change to good use 😉

Full interview below.

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