SEO vs PPC, which one is best? This and lots more in my guest appearance on the Business Growth Show.

What happens when a smart SEO specialist and a smart PPC specialist come together for a marketing podcast? They AGREE on things (shocking, I know!)

This is exactly what happened last week when I got on the Business Growth Show, hosted by Sam Dunning from Web Choice, to talk about all things Google Ads.

Among plenty of other great stuff, we also got talking about the infamous SEO vs PPC question, and low and behold, it turns out it’s not a either/or scenario. It depends, as usual, on your current situation and budget.

Have a listen as we discuss our experiences & give you incredibly valuable tips, tools and insights that you can utilise, to skyrocket your own sales and business.

In this episode we cover:

👉 Which businesses should consider Google Ads?

👉 What should be running before you start?

👉 How to get started on Google ads

👉 SEO vs PPC

👉 Some quick tips and best practises

Here’s the entire episode on Youtube:

And here’s the same on Spotify:

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