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SEO vs PPC, which one is best? This and lots more in my guest appearance on the Business Growth Show.
Silvia Coletto | Apr 5, 2022
What happens when a smart SEO specialist and a smart PPC specialist come together for a marketing podcast? They AGREE on things (shocking, I know!) This is exactly...
LinkedIn Advertising: would it work for your business?
Silvia Coletto | Feb 9, 2022
Let’s cut straight to the chase for the people in a hurry. If you’re a B2B company, LinkedIn Advertising is most likely a good fit for you provided you...
What is a PPC consultant, and are they the hire you’re looking for?
Silvia Coletto | Jan 31, 2022
PPC consultant is only one of a barrage of different terms that seem to be used interchangeably when you’re looking for someone who can run paid ads for...
Google Ads for accountants: a straightforward guide
Silvia Coletto | Jan 25, 2022
Google Ads for accountants isn’t a nice to have anymore, it’s a must if you want not only to find more business, but perhaps equally as important, protect...
How can Google Ads help you advance your business goals?
Silvia Coletto | Jan 17, 2022
Google Ads can help you advance your business goals by bringing the highest quality, highest intent eyeballs (otherwise called website visits) to your product or...
What are the three main factors that determine ad quality?
Silvia Coletto | Jan 13, 2022
The three factors that determine ad quality for Google Ads are: Relevance of the ad Expected CTR (Click-through rate) Visitor experience on the landing...
2 Google Ads recommendations Google gives so you spend a lot more money
Silvia Coletto | Dec 5, 2021
So you’re managing your own Google Ads account, or at least want to be actively involved and learn from your Google Ads manager , right?  Maybe...
15 Signs You’re Not Ready To Run Paid Ads (Yet!)
Silvia Coletto | Nov 12, 2021
Another day, another opportunity to talk about our favourite topic, paid advertising. This time we’re guests of the Inbound Back Office Podcast , hosted by...
10 things you might not know about paid ads (but you definitely should)
Silvia Coletto | Oct 29, 2021
Are we ever going to stop talking about digital advertising? Spoiler alert: no, we’re not. In fact, now that the book “Are You Ready For Paid...
Nonprofit grant writer gets 2,000% ROI in 3 months from Google Ads
Silvia Coletto | Oct 6, 2021
A company dedicated to supporting 501c3 nonprofits across the United States with services such as grant writing, fundraising, board training and donor retention among...
Google ads for accountants: yay or nay?
Silvia Coletto | Sep 20, 2021
Let’s talk about Google Ads for accountants.  When done right, it’s a fantastic opportunity to show up in front of countless prospects who have...
Here’s why looking at keyword cost doesn’t really help you run better ads
Silvia Coletto | Sep 14, 2021
This is going to be a controversial one, we can feel it, but we stand by our belief that making a decision as to whether you’re going to advertise or not,...
7 things you need to know, do and ask before hiring a paid advertising agency
Silvia Coletto | Sep 7, 2021
One of the biggest fears of every business looking to hire a paid advertising agency is “I hope I don’t get conned”.  How do we know that?...
Are paid ads worth it?
Silvia Coletto | Aug 31, 2021
Are paid ads worth it? Gazillion dollar question right here!  If you’re thinking the answer is it depends…  … you’re...
5 common Google Ads questions we get from clients
Silvia Coletto | Aug 24, 2021
There are some Google Ads questions every single business employing a Google Ads specialist will ask sooner or later.  Chances are if you worked with us,...
Is the Google Ads Grant worth it?
Silvia Coletto | Aug 23, 2021
We do love a good old speaking gig, so we jumped at the chance of having our Founder Silvia Coletto speak on the Nonprofit Problem Solver podcast about all things...
How to Work Out Your Cost Per Enquiry From Paid Advertising
Silvia Coletto | Jul 16, 2021
So often it seems companies throw a dart at the board to ‘determine the cost of paid ads’, as they call it.  We call this a ‘finger in...
3 Tips for Writing Killer Ad Copy
Silvia Coletto | Jun 6, 2021
Let’s be real about something. Words sell.  It doesn’t matter if your targeting is perfect, your visuals impeccable, and your budget is...
Don’t Do This To Your Audience — or Your Ad Budget!
Silvia Coletto | May 20, 2021
Imagine you’re at the shops and a salesperson comes over to you and says “come to my shop! I have exactly what you need!” But… they...
Shady Agency Practices Exposed: Businesses Beware!
Silvia Coletto | May 8, 2021
Not all ad agencies are created equal.  Unfortunately, there are a large number of ad agencies out there that are in it for the invoice and not necessarily...
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