Shady Agency Practices Exposed: Businesses Beware!

Not all ad agencies are created equal. 🤷

Unfortunately, there are a large number of ad agencies out there that are in it for the invoice and not necessarily providing actual results for their clients.

Here are some sketchy ad agency practices you should look out for when hiring an ad agency. 


They Go Along With EVERY Idea You Have

Whilst collaboration and creativity are key, your ad agency shouldn’t automatically give you the thumbs-up every time you present an idea. 

After all, you hired them because you needed an expert, not someone who will let you guide your own ad campaigns from end to end (what’s the point in that?). 

An ad agency that has your best interests in mind will let you know when something is unlikely to work or will be a waste of your budget.

If an ad agency implements every idea you have without careful analysis, that’s a huge red flag.

ad agency foul play


You Seem to ALWAYS Need a Budget Increase

Most ad agencies make their money based on a percentage of your ad spend. If you are nearly always hearing that you need a bump in your budget (and you have no results to show for it) you’re likely dealing with a shady ad agency.

Which brings us to our next point…


They Don’t Ensure That You’re Actually Ready to Run Paid Ads

A lot of ad agencies will blame your budget on a lack of conversions, but sometimes, the problem lies elsewhere.

If you weren’t making ANY sales before, it’s unlikely that paid ads are going to be the answer to your problems. You need to be entirely ready to run paid ads if you want to see any kind of return. Hastily spending ad dollars trying to generate income is a great way to waste your ad budget.

ad agency burning money

If you ad agency doesn’t do their due diligence to make sure that everything else is 100%, you’re dealing with a less-than-professional agency.

Not sure if you’re ready to run paid ads? Download our free guide.


You’re Promised a Specific ROI

If an ad agency tells you straight away that they can promise you a specific ROI  — run!

No ad agency on earth can predict an ROI, especially if they haven’t run ads for you before. Your ROI is based on numerous factors, including an analysis of your previous ads.

Many ad agencies will try to get you in the door with the promises of incredible ROI on your ads, only to not deliver.

ad agency crystal ball


Avoid the Shady Agency Tactics with the Paid Ads School

We founded the Paid Ads School because we’ve seen far too many sketchy agencies taking advantage of business owners who blindly trust the ‘professionals.’

Our promise to you: we will never engage in any unethical advertising techniques or take your money if running paid ads isn’t right for you.

We measure our success based on your success  — and we’ll never ask you for that credit card swipe if paid ads won’t generate that success.

Avoid those shady agencies: get in touch with a member of our team today and see if paid advertising is right for your business!

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